Education is prevention

Our lawyers teach young people about consent.

Who we are

We normalise conversations about consent in order to encourage safe, healthy interactions and reduce the likelihood of young people experiencing - or perpetrating - sexual harm.

For nearly a decade, we have worked in schools across the UK – successfully educating over 50,000 young people through our network of +260 lawyers.

In 2023, we began working with the military and in football clubs, and we launched the Schools Consent Project in New York.

educated about consent

What we do

Our lawyer-led workshops explore the legal definition of consent, the age of consent, key sexual offences, online offences & how to check for and communicate consent.

We want to give young people an ability to identify their boundaries and the boundaries in others, to understand the harms of sexually abusive behaviour, and to feel confident speaking up.

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Latest news

We're thrilled to be working with...

- The Royal Air Force

- English Football League 

- Coronation Street

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Read the latest insights on consent education and the criminal justice system from our team of legal volunteers.



We are thrilled to be the charity partner of BAFTA-nominated film, How To Have Sex. We use the film to start conversations about consent in schools.



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