Our workshops cover the legal definition of consent under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, the age of consent, key sexual offences (including rape, sexual assault & assault by penetration), online offences under the Protection of Children Act 1978 and the Online Safety Act 2023, how to check for and communicate consent, bystander intervention, how to support a friend's disclosure and options in the event of an assault.  

They are delivered through a series of fun, interactive games and exercises aimed at challenging students’ misconceptions, empowering them to identify and articulate their boundaries, and respect those boundaries in others.

By adopting a legal approach, we are able to address subjects that can feel challenging, sensitive or taboo. Our workshops give young people agency, enabling them to fully understand the law around sex and consent in order to make informed and sensible decisions.

We were so impressed with the quality of your work.

St Bonaventure's School


We have partnered with BAFTA-nominated film How To Have Sex to offer schools a film screening + consent workshop.

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Spiral curriculum

We offer a full through-school consent curriculum which is a sequenced, spiral programme of workshops that can be tailored to schools’ and students’ needs. Each workshop focuses on a different topic that is age appropriate and developmentally relevant, whilst reinforcing certain fundamentals year-on-year to support students’ retention of these key messages.


The year group specific approach includes:


  • Year 7: Personal boundaries; opening up conversations
  • Year 8: Sharing nudes/sexting
  • Year 9: Behaviour in and around school
  • Year 10: More intimate relationships including in the context of parties/alcohol
  • Year 11: House parties, communication in more serious or longer-term relationships
  • Year 12: Preparing for university/work life; abuse in the context of longer term relationships
  • Year 13: Adult life/university, conduct in the workplace, image-based harassment, where to go for help as an adult
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Bespoke workshops

Alongside our traditional workshop, we offer bespoke workshops that can be tailored to the specific needs of your students.

We also provide workshops to SEN students, and to students in Pupil Referral Units. 

I have sat in on this morning session for Year 10 and Alex’s delivery was FANTASTIC! It’s really powerful for the girls to hear this information from a male figure and I really appreciate having him talk to the students today.

Burgess Hill Girls School

Parent session

We provide online sessions for our students' parents to familiarise themselves with our workshop content, explore ways to continue this discussion at home, and ask any questions. Our experience is that consent education has the greatest impact when everyone is involved in the conversation.



Teacher training

We train teachers in how to begin conversations around consent prior to a Schools Consent Project workshop, and how to support their students and develop key learnings post-workshop.

This has been our most successful PSHE session this year.

Assistant Headteacher,
Stevenage Education Support Centre

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Read more about the work we do with corporates, football clubs, and the Royal Air Force.

I’d recommend the Schools Consent Project to other schools if I were in a position to do so.

Sixth Form student